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May 28, 2012

IT Is Going Mobile

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As commerce is going mobile, so is the need for information technology help. IT consulting is moving into the mobile arena with great expediency as businesses have further need for effective communication over mobile devices.

As more and more people do more and more business on their tablets and smart phones, the good and bad follow. The great thing is that consumers now have a much more effective way to get what they need immediately. Businesses also have a great way in which to target and provide for customers without having to go through a great deal of unnecessary advertising. The arrangement is more cost and time effective for both consumer and producer.

However, with new commerce, new problems. Hackers and other malicious users are now programming their viruses and identity theft algorithms for mobile devices specifically. Mobile websites are no longer have a complete safety that they did before, as the attention of many criminals are now based specifically upon mobile devices.

On top of that, the increase in commerce itself is providing a greater need
for it because of the increased traffic on mobile lines. Websites that have less than stable code or an ineffective web host are finding themselves with decreased uptimes and lag times when it comes to loading their webpages on mobile devices.

These situations are only enhanced when competition is enhanced. Metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York are especially prone to malicious users and IT problems. Los Angeles IT support is especially
important for any business that is looking to increase their usership inside of the metropolis.

As a matter of fact, New York IT support companies are finding themselves overworked because of the new commerce that is constantly moving online. However difficult it is to find a company with enough time to give you proper IT consulting, is well worth it in the long run. You need an
expert opinion when it comes to technical affairs to keep those technicalities away from your customer base. Consumers are becoming less and less patient with businesses by the day.

February 18, 2012

Get the Most Bang for Your IT Buck

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If you live in LA and need help with your IT operations, you have found the best place to go for Los Angeles IT support. When you need IT consulting, it is important to make sure you know exactly which services you need. Many businesses make common mistakes when it comes to the purchase of IT consulting services. If you are looking for Los Angeles IT support, remember to take these helpful tips and tricks into consideration to ensure you get the best value possible when dealing with your network solutions.

First, remember that your internal IT department, as well as any consultants you may hire, are trained to offer you the best services and products available. It is always wise, helpful, and prudent to seek out and receive second and even third opinions from other IT firms. Before you make any major purchase of equipment or services, shop around to make sure you and your company are receiving the best possible value.

If you want to save the most money possible, remember never to hire IT consultants on an hourly basis. Look for per-project or monthly fees if you need regular IT consulting and maintenance services. When you hire a firm on an hourly basis, you are essentially paying them to work even when they
are not. If they need to perform research or pick up parts and accessories, you are paying for their time. When you purchase services on a flat-fee or monthly basis, you pay only for what you need, while ensuring the project time is not unduly extended to increase the amount of payment.

It is often tempting to hire the cheapest Los Angeles IT support you can find, but it is seldom wise. Perform research on a company before you decide to contract its services. Ask around your industry for referrals to good IT professionals in your area. Look online at customer reviews and check out your local branch of the Better Business Bureau. It is possible to find efficient and helpful IT services on a budget; all it takes is a bit of research and some common

Google Docs are Supported by IT Consulting Firms

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If you are involved or about to be hired by an IT support firm and are worried about the potential for your knowledge of Google Docs, do not be worried. Though a lot of IT firms still don’t support the use of Google Docs, many have finally begun to move to a Google Docs platform, a platform that competes with Microsoft applications but that is stored online and is entirely free. Not only is it saving the IT firms a lot of money, but with features and uses that Google continues to update its users with, it is
sure to become a lot more popular in the business world. IT consulting New York and IT support Los Angeles are beginning to use Google Docs a lot more and are training the individuals and employees of their companies how touse this simple software.

The staff while using Google Docs has office-wide abilities to share information with other employees or to mark concerns and point them out to their bosses with complete and total ease. IT consulting New York has especially seen a rise in the use of Google Docs because they have seen how integrated it is and the many uses they have that they will have as advantages over IT support Los Angeles if they don’t make the change to using Google Docs regularly as well.

Now the question is what firms have begun to use Google Docs? Basically it has been the intelligent firms because they are saving a lot of time and money, all the while by staying up to date with technology that has seemed to increase very quickly in the last decade and it looks like it will continue to do so. The firms that have chosen to not use Google Docs are going to fall behind if they don’t eventually change their practices and quickly adapt to the changing world around them that is using the cloud for storage, and instead of Palm Pilots, iPhones to record what they need to get done the next day. Some IT Consulting firms are beginning to integrate Google Docs into their systems and businesses and you will see that they
will continue to do so as the years continue to fly by.

Why Small Business Owners Should Not Hire Independent IT Contractors

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Every small business at times needs IT support. Whether it’s a small job or an ongoing need, the temptation is to hire a freelancer, an independent contractor to provide IT support Beverly Hills.

Hiring a freelancer seems to make sense when compared to hiring a full-time employee, because of the cost savings and the ability to pay only when services are needed.

However, when hiring IT support Century City, freelancer vs. full-time employee is the
wrong comparison. The best solution is to hire an IT support managed services provider, a company that offers support on a contract basis.

Here’s why.

An IT support firm is more accountable in case of malpractice or willful misconduct. A freelancer without a business to lose may not be as concerned about providing the best service. This is not always true, but an IT support firm is more stable and trustworthy in this sense.

More importantly, a freelancer is one person. If a project is too large for one person, or if the freelancer lacks the technical knowledge in one specific area, the business owner may have to hire another freelancer. An IT support firm has a full staff with expertise in varied areas, and can
spread the work around to qualified professionals.

Along these same lines, an IT support firm has a pool of knowledge, which the team members can share and draw upon. A freelancer offering IT support Beverly Hills has only his or her own knowledge. While
anyone can and should look up questions if necessary, a freelancer has much less access to other people’s experience than an IT support firm’s members do.

Hiring IT support Century City can be a difficult decision. The business’s IT infrastructure is at stake, and hiring the right support is crucial. In some cases, it may seem easier to hire an independent IT contractor, and cheaper as well. The problem is that even if an independent consultant works out in the short run, there may be problems in the long run.

Over time, hiring an IT support firm will prove less expensive and more
cost-effective than hiring an independent contractor.

February 16, 2012

Deal reduces legal uncertainty for lenders and gives morsel of hope to real estate markets

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Just got back to Scottsdale from Big Bear, time to blog about real estate. Bigwigs from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, and Ally were called to HUD headquarters and told they weren’t leaving the room until they came to an agreement on a housing settlement. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau founder Elizabeth Warren, the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and President Obama and his administration were some of the key players in securing some measure of relief to distressed mortgage holders. I know the Big Bear and scottsdale real estate markets as well as Arizona luxury homes market including high end properties like golf course and country clubs have been hit hard overall, including many medium level homes for sale in scottsdale as well.
The agreement that entails $25 billion in financial relief to assuage outrage over foreclosure abuses is certainly an historic achievement but will not cure the stricken market. It will, however, buy the lenders a guarantee that they will not be subject to lawsuits by federal agencies or 49 states attorneys general who signed onto the deal. What it will not do is protect the banks from suits brought by consumers, even those who partake of the settlement money. In addition to Scottsdale, Arizona I have noticed that the Big Bear real estate has been affected as well.
At the same time, the federal government made an agreement to accept $1 billion in fines from Bank of America to address charges of falsified claims submitted to process loans.
The best news may be that the agreement includes new standards with independent monitoring to ensure proper protocols for dealing with borrowers with distressed mortgages.

July 17, 2009

Unlocked Cell Phones Coming To The U.S

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Unlocked cell phones have not made it into the U.S. market yet, but Nokia and Sony Ericsson have U.S. ready cell phones that they believe can compete with the most popular phones. The Nokia N97 with touch screen is one of these cell phones, which also supports 3G and Wi-Fi, has a 5-mega-pixel camera and also has 32 GB of memory. Then there is the Sony Ericsson W995a that is setup for 3G and Wi-Fi, has an 8.1 mega pixel camera, bright display screen, media player, GPS and stereo Bluetooth. The Nokia N97 rivals the features in the Cupertino, California based Apple iPhone 3G S and the Palm Pre, while the Sony Ericsson W995a can compete with the Verizon LG enV3 or the Samsung Memoir T929. Here you can find more technology as well as California News and reports.
The problem with these cell phones is that they are not purchased through a plan like the Verizon LG enV3 or the Samsung Memoir T929 that is under T-Mobile plans.

July 11, 2009

AT&T Offering Small Business Reasons To Use Mini Notebooks

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In a new campaign effort to broden their particular 3G services, the telecommunications giant AT&T is tattempting to convince small businesses of the advantages the mini notebooks can offer with the AT&T mobile broadband card. This feature basically permits the mini notebook to be used in any specific location like driving down the road with the mobile broadband card used to connect to the world wide web. All in all, the firm in question has partnered up with Acer and Hewlett Packard in the new campaign which is offering the mini notebooks at prices which cannot be found elsewhere in most stores. The small business will need to sign a contract for service for the AT&T mobile broadband card for two years to receive the mini notebook at the offered price of $199 from AT&T. By the way, I found this great Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys wesbite. Check it out! More details on the Adobe Apps Blog For their part, the experts say this is a sign that mobile operators are increasing their efforts to sell their mobile broadband data packages, with Verizon also getting ready to offer a package deal for mobile broadband cards and the mini notebooks.

April 5, 2009

Technology Bringing Braille To Cell Phone Displays

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Technology involving Braille could make it possible with some learning to allow the blind to read mobile content. This will work by raised dots that will have an intense vibration, lower level vibration will be gaps and there are longer lasting buzzes. This according to the New Scientists the cell phone display is able to be read by the blind in approximately a little over one second.

At the University of Tampere in Finland to prove this new technology could work and work with existing cell phones they wrote custom software and used it with a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. This software is able to mimic the bumps that would be used by the blind. What is dependant to make this system work correctly is a cell phone that has a piezoelecrity layer in the display screen.

This is a large technological advance for the blind and should be put into use quickly, since there are no major barriers and the learning process is uncomplicated to be able to work the Braille cell phone.

September 12, 2008

Mobile Broadband Cards Can Be A Great Thing

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  Mobile Broadband cards can be great things, I swear by them. It’s an Internet connection everywhere, in the house, in the car even camping or on a boat. I wouldn’t ever be without my card, but and yes there is the all-famous but.

   A few weeks ago my mobile broadband card started acting up, the connection speed would slow down to a point where it was impossible to go anyplace on the Internet.  So, I called the company and talked to their tech support. The person I spoke with was helpful and sent a packet to the card and thought that should help and told me they would call back on Wednesday. This was on Monday so for those two days I would know if this had done any good for my connection.

  No such luck the connection would still bog down and be so slow there was no going anyplace. The person I spoke with true to their word called me Wednesday and said what I needed was a new card and she was sending it out.

  Great a new card, no more connection problems! Then I received an email telling me my new broadband card had been shipped.

   All sounds good, not so. I had moved a few months before and for some reason when I confirmed my new home address they had it right, even the zip code. The bad thing is when the new broadband card was sent out it was sent to my old address 1650 miles away.

   Back to the phone, I did reach them and got the new card stopped and taken back to FedX where it was supposed to be re-routed to my new home address. That is where the three-week problem started, FedX decided to hold my card ransom. Yes, they really did, when I called to see if it was making its journey north two days after this, I was told that the person that had stopped it did not have the authority to change the address on it and someone that was on their authorized list would have to call them.

  On the phone again, this time to the broadband company, I explained the situation and after being placed on hold the agent came back on the phone and asked if I could authorize it. Well, the clear answer to me is no! How possibly could I tell them it was okay to send it changing the address.

   After another 30 minutes off and on hold I gave up and hung up because I am not sure I could have been nice at that point. Not to mention that is the day I had to pay their bill for a mobile broad band card that was not working right.

   I waited two days till I calmed down and called my company back, this time the agent understood what had gone on and checked it out. FedX gave up, they sent the card back to the company. So, to make a long story short this agent checked my address with me again, ordered a new one to be sent over night FedX. Three weeks later I have the new card.

August 30, 2008

Newbie’s Email Mover

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A new email migrater is now available by Yippie Move service. This one benefits newbie email users who do not know how to change all their email addresses over to a new account. Most advanced users know how to do this by just simply mass forwarding all the recipients in their email address book over into a new account. But the new to email users who do not know how to do this yet can use this account mover service for $10.

 Once you put in the essential information from your old account, the Yippie Move service will move them all for you. This service works really well with 40 different types of web and educational email service providers. It also works with any account that supports IMAP.

 The creator of this service is Viktor Peterson who says that most port transfer jobs can be finished in about 10 minutes unless it is a really large account, which may take a little more time.

 The only drawback is that it does not support Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo Mail accounts. These are two very popular email accounts that many people have or would like to have their accounts migrated to and from. IMAP is the main focus of the Yippie Move service right now but support for service for the popular web accounts will be coming soon.

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