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May 27, 2009

Nebuad is out of Business

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I am back in denver from Highlands Ranch…The Internet company NebuAd has closed their business after they have faced opposition about their methods of gathering Internet user’s information. The company, with their office located in Redwood City, California, was in business as a targeting advertising system that was to track Internet use for ad that could be made appealing to the interest of Internet surfers. There way of collecting information has come under question and the subscribers did not realize NeBuAd’s tactics. I wonder if they had a solid corporate, internet business, copyright lawyer for themselves.

At one point the company had over 30 Internet providers using their service, these users later filed a lawsuit for over $5 million dollars. There has also been a request to turn the suit into a class action lawsuit for the thousands of Internet subscribers. They must have had agood SEO service?
Documents that have been filed with the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California by NebuAd states they cease to exist with their closing. By the way if you spend a lot of time on the internet and you decide to obtain a new set of, it is highly recommended that you take into account the ergonomic aspects of the chairs. This is especially important if you send a lot of time on the computer, in my opinion. All in all, ergonomics are a key component of office chairs, and there has been a lot of research into this area recently.My friend who is a Denver trademark attorney was telling me about this stuff.
Phorm Inc. a British owned firm is having similar problems with Internet users concerned about their privacy. The company has deals with the three largest Internet providers that account for approximately 70 percent of the British broadband market.

April 7, 2009

Mother Pleads Guilty In Philadelphia Craigslist Prostitution Case

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The woman that made up half of the mother-daughter team in a Craigslist advertisement pleads guilty in a Philadelphia courtroom.

The advertisement with picture included of them sitting on a couch and in bold letters above the picture “Make The Right Choice And Call Us” with their post allegedly offering erotic services.

Tracy Young age 39 and her daughter Tami Smith age 22 were arrested after police officer Donald Paxton answered the post and visited their Northeast Philadelphia home in Port Richmond. Paxton was told the fee was $200 and he would start with the mother and finish with the daughter according to Officer Paxton on October 2, 2008.

For the $200 Paxton was told by Young he would get a full 30 minutes of service and when the women began to undress, he called in the other officers according to testimony by Paxton. By the way if you are in need of a competent Philadephia personal injury lawyer then may I suggest the offices of mark Rosenberg.

Both Young and her daughter were arrested, along with Young’s boyfriend David Riley who police arrested for having a small amount of marijuana. The charges against Riley were later dropped for lack of evidence.He must have had a good personal lawyer.

When sentenced May 14th Young will face from 3 months to 23 months in the county jail, along with 3 years of probation. Other charges of criminal use of a communication facility and criminal solicitation were dropped against Young in exchange for her guilty plea. Some people wonder about these types of cases because no personal injury was actually involved.

Young’s daughter Tami Smith will go to trial on April 17th for the alleged prostitution charges.

November 6, 2008

E-Commerce, the Web and Business Insurance Issues

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The emergence of the e-commerce business and the reliance upon the internet as a means of conducting business has opened the door to new risks which the insurance and tax market is seeking to accommodate, especially here in Kansas City. Here in Denver this type of thing is on people’s minds, at least those whose business is on the internet. Clearly, the Y2K problem did not cause a global apocalypse. Nevertheless, recent events have shown that the use of malicious code and/or attacks on commercial websites pose significant
and continuing risks to businesses that rely on, or are expanding into, e-commerce. On the one hand, some commentators believe that existing forms of property and liability insurance will adequately address such risks. However, it is doubtful whether Y2K remediation costs are covered by traditional forms of property insur¬ance. The Y2K insurance cases will undoubtedly serve as a proving ground for such arguments. By the way if you live in the Kansas City area and are in need of a leading tax and offer in compromise business and corporate attorney then I suggest this firm which is simply one of the best Kansas City tax attorney attorney out there currently, so click here as well as for irls audit and tax levy too.
As noted above, many of the first-party prop¬erty exposures are largely intangible. The harm caused by computer hackers and/or malicious code does not implicate damage to tangible prop¬erty in the ordinary sense. Not surprisingly, the market place is responding to these new risks with the introduction of specially tailored insurance programmes designed to address the risks associated with doing business electronically. Newer policy forms are being introduced to cover losses arising from extortion, theft of money, com¬puters, destruction of data and software by virus attacks or other malicious code, internet business interruption stemming from hacker attacks, denial of website service because of tampering; and virus clean-up. Someone could need a reputable Denver copyright attorney and corporate trademark business lawyer overall. While the outcome of pending law¬suits cannot be readily predicted, in the final analysis the marketplace will fill over time whatever gaps may exist in traditional property insurance forms.

September 6, 2008

Scratch-n-Sniff Laptops

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A new technology that is being used by ASUS is all about appealing to all your senses, the sense of smell included. The Taiwanese Company and maker of Asus laptops is coming out with a new one that has been designed to affect the mood of the user by releasing 4 different scents. You don’t really scratch and sniff this laptop. It lets off it’s own fragrance by the use of cologne. They have somehow come up with a type of heat transfer that releases the scent from the laptop. This is accomplished with the use of a plastic film that has been scented and then put on the laptop. Asus says the scent can last between a minimum of three months up to about 6 months of scented release. When the weather is cold the scent lasts longer and when it’s hot or it is in a windy place, the scent will fade faster. Asus has made them so the laptop does not have to be turned on to release the scent. It comes in 4 scents that have been assigned to 4 different colors. The first scent is Musky Black on the black laptop. The second scent is Floral Blossom on the Pink laptop. The third scent is Aqua Ocean on the Blue and the last is Morning Dew on Green.

Asus kept the idea of scent laptops a secret while it was being designed. Designed with young adults in mind, the researches worked for about a year on the designs that will appeal to the young. The downside is that once the scent is gone, there is no way to replace it.

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