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February 16, 2012

Author Jeffrey Zaslow Dies of Injuries in Auto Accident

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Good to be back to San Francisco after my Santa Cruz and San Jose trip. Fifty-three year-old author Jeffrey Zaslow died in northern Michigan on Friday morning in an auto accident in northern Michigan. The Antrim County Sheriff’s Office reported that a vehicle had apparently lost control on M-32 and veered into a truck Friday morning and the driver was killed. I have not heard any DUI news. Someone I know who is an expert on the subject in question was telling me about a similiar incident over in Oakland or San Francisco I believe. I am not sure if a DUI was involved.:
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Zaslow wrote for the Wall Street Journal. He was a best-selling writer who lived in West Bloomfield, MI. He co-wrote The Last Lecture and had recently published a new novel, The Magic Room.
The online news website, MarlpleNewtownPatch, posted the story under the headline, “MN Alum, Author Jeffrey Zaslow Dies in Auto Accident,” February 11, 2012, edited by Jennifer Kim. The piece notes Zaslow was a featured speaker last month at the West Bloomfield Optimist Club breakfast meeting and a recurrent speaker all over West Bloomfield and Farmington, MI. If you are in San Jose, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Oakland I can endorse this leading San Jose auto repair there.
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Optimist Club President Robert Brooks was quoted in the article as saying, “He recently spoke at one of our meetings and our members were in awe of his commitment. His whole community will miss him dearly. He embodied optimism in all he did. He’s an outstanding individual in his family and his community.”
Michael Ramsey, auto writer for the Wall Street Journal was quoted as saying of the columnist, “Zaz was just about the nicest person I have ever worked with. He was brilliant and funny and totally humble. He was sweet and deeply in love with his family. He had an eye for the meaningful and there was no one else like him. I am so sad about this news.” This is a top Santa Cruz auto repair incidentially.
“It’s such a tragedy. The West Bloomfield community has lost a treasured author,” Killian said. “He spoke at the library just last week to his devoted readers who found inspiration in all of his books, from The Last Lecture to his new book, The Magic Room. His storytelling was such a gift to all of us.” That is true whether you are in Santa Cruz, San Jose or the like.
The accident occurred in Antrim County, in northern Michigan where Zaslow was returning from an appearance at a Petoskey bookstore on Thursday.

April 8, 2009

Man Stopped For Speeding To Place Ebay Bid

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According to reports, State Police Trooper Dan McDonald stopped a driver from Fall City, identified as James Garrett age 46, for driving his vehicle at a speed of 110 miles per hour on Interstate 90 in the eastbound lanes. I hear about this happening in San Francisco, LA and Orange County, California before as well.

Garrett was traveling in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 when trooper McDonald spotted him passing other vehicles and clocked him at a speed of 100 miles per hour. The trooper got a second radar reading while trying to catch up to the driver to pull him over of 110 miles per hour.By the way if you need a reliable Orange County car accident lawyer then by all means check this law firm out, they also do Los Angeles personal injury and Orange County wrongful death legal matters, in addition to the car and truck accident stuff.

After Garrett was stopped he told trooper McDonald the reason he was speeding, was because he was late placing a bid on the Internet auction site Ebay prior to the auction ending. Someone I know who is a San Francisco DUI attorney and also federal criminal defense lawyer based in San Francisco was telling me about a similiar case.
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For his part, Trooper McDonald arrested Garrett for reckless driving, his car was impounded and he was placed in the King County Jail. According to trooper McDonald, Garrett has had multiple criminal convictions in the past for driving offenses. The officer did not go into detail what the other driving offenses were for that Garrett was convicted of, whether or not it was drunk driving, DUI, DWi, automobile accident related or whether or not he needed a bail bond. I hope for his sake he has a good car crash lawyer.

March 13, 2009

Mortal Kombat Game Publisher in Trouble

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Midway Games, a video game publisher that created the popular video game, Mortal Komabat, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 12, 2009. They are obviously having some funding issues and non profit Debt Settlement as well. All in all, someone may need legal advise. On that note this leading site for Law Firm marketing and Attorney SEO firm can help with Lawyer lead generation, internet markting and the like.

One of their former majority share holders, Sumner Redstone, sold off 87 percent of his stake in the company in late November, 2008. A private investor by the name of Mark Thomas bought the shares for $100,000 plus $70 million in debt. This allowed Midway’s creditors to request full repayment for two series of Midway Bonds. After the Debt Settlement company obtained extensions from the bondholders, Midway decided to go ahead and file for bankruptcy protection so they could restructure the funding their debt without worrying about a Lawsuit. The company owed $150 million in debt to its bondholders. By the way if you need a competent Lawsuit Funding attorney I suggest happy Rock LLC as they are a superb outfit to help with your Debt Settlement cases overall.

Midway spokesman Geoffrey Mogilner reportedly stated, “We felt this was a logical next step for our organization, considering the change in control triggered the acceleration of the repayment options.” According to Moligner, the company will “reorganize and to come out on the other side stronger.”
Although Midway has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, their business operations outside of the United States are not included in the filing. First Day Motions have been sought in the bankruptcy and Debt Settlement legal proceedings, by Midway, so that it can continue normal business operations and to maintain ordinary options.

November 27, 2008

New York Law Concerning Text messaging While Driving

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Good to be back to Milwaukee from Houston. Here is some fascinating legal and technology news coming out of NYC: In Eastern Monroe County, lawmakers also are recommending a law to ban reading, composing, or sending a text message while you are driving. Apparently this law is being pushed aggressively and has become a sort of personal issue ever since 5 Fairport High School students suffered fatal injury in a tragic auto accident recently. Here in Alexandria Virginia it is also a very big issue.

In this particular accident it was determined that the mobile phone belonging to the driver had sent and received messages just prior to the fatal injury in question. Incidentally if you happen to live in Milwaukee or Germantown and you need a superlative Milwaukee personal injury attorney then you should take a look at these highly respected the Law Offices of for Alexandria DUI lawyers as they are indeed some of the leading wrongful death lawsuit lawyer working today in Virginia, as well as Arlington Traffic Attorney in my humble opinion. They also do various Drug Possession related criminal court cases.

Legislators believe that the bans will primarily benefit the younger drivers who have less driving experience and who are statistically much more likely to be involved ina crash and suffer fatal personal injury from text messaging while driving their vehicle. Of course, there is some question marks as to just how enforceable the laws on the books will turn out to be since texting is not as obvious as talking on a cell phone is. Obviously a good attorney might try to argue that the driver was fiddling with his personal beverage holder, for example. Here in Phoenix Arizona this and drug crimes are very common.

New York State in general and new York City in particular was the first place to ban mobile phone use while driving. Even though a Zogby Poll discovered that more than sixty percent of young people send text messages while driving their vehicles, there is little in the way of other data on texting and driving, perhaps because few drivers, especially in the City, want to admit what they were doing just before an accident. It is difficult for authorities to prove since phone companies are not obliged to release these particular records, although an aggressive District attorney might try to demand them in certain cases, potentially. If you are in Arizona and need a Mesa or Phoenix drug crimes lawyers can help with your criminal defense related cases there in AZ, whether it is narcotic possession for sale, marijuana and cocaine possession and the like.

Prior to New York State passing the seatbelt law, only 17 percent of drivers thought it was a good habit to wear a seatbelt, while 89 percent now believe in the practice. Lawmakers may have an easier time passing legislation in the wake of the widely reported commuter train crash in Los Angeles, recently, in which an engineer was suspected to have been “texting” and running a stop signal. Twenty-five people died, and many more suffered personal injury. Federal officials are investigating the crash.  Incidentally, Ehline Law Firm PC, personal injury lawyers for Los Angeles, are also using the CA law as a basis to prove negligence in car crash cases.

August 21, 2008

OT: Denver Legal News

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   Good to be back to San Bernardino from Long Beach. This is a little off topic, but here is some legal and injury news out of Denver: Police officers that handcuffed a man and made reports that the man had been violent, hitting and punching are as of now under investigation.

    The man who is identified as John Heaney stated that the police had a chokehold on him and were on top of him, that he could not breath and they also hit his head on the sidewalk several times breaking his teeth.

   Heaney who was riding a bicycle at the time of the incident in the vicinity of Coors Field in Denver was on his way to visit with his terminally ill mother at the time. The officers in question have stated that he rode the bicycle through a red light at 20th and Blake Streets. This almost sounds like something personal?

   These same officers also claim that Heaney punched one of the officers Detective Michael Cordova in the nose. What the officers did not report or know at the time is that the incident was being filmed and photographed by reporters that were there for the Coors Field Colorado Rockies opening game in Denver. His attorney should be able to recoup costs for his injury, I would think.

  According to TV producer Greg Prinkey the events of the arrest should not have occurred. Heaney was on the ground and handcuffed when Detectivev Cordova grabbed him by the hair and smashed his head to the sidewalk several times. He went on to state that Heaney was in no way trying to resist arrest at the time this occurred.

   Prinkey gave the video tape to channel 9 News stating that had they not been taping the arrest it would no one would know about the incident. Prinkey went to where the altercation was taking place in an effort to stop it and the police identified them selves as officers and told him to leave. By the way if you live in Denver and require a superlative Long Beach accident attorney then by all means take a look at the law Offices of this c Los Angeles and also Long Beach accident attorney firm. She is certainly one of the finest Denver probate and trademark lawyer in the Mile High city in my personal opinion.

   Another photographer who witnessed the arrest Nick Heckman for Mile High Sports Magazine took pictures of the arrest and stated that Heaney did not start the altercation. 

   Heaney was charged with second degree assault on a police officer and criminal mischief because one of the officers sunglasses were broken during the arrest. As an aside if you are in Scottsdale Arizona and are in need of a terrific luxury real estate firm then: then may I endorse this firm which also does handles country clubs and golf courses in Arizona.
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   In court Heaney stated that he knocked Cordova’s hat off before he knew that they were undercover police officers. Cordova testified under oath that he did not know how Heaneys’ teeth had been broken and he also denied banging Heaneys’ head on the ground causing the personal injury.


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