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August 30, 2008

Newbie’s Email Mover

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A new email migrater is now available by Yippie Move service. This one benefits newbie email users who do not know how to change all their email addresses over to a new account. Most advanced users know how to do this by just simply mass forwarding all the recipients in their email address book over into a new account. But the new to email users who do not know how to do this yet can use this account mover service for $10.

 Once you put in the essential information from your old account, the Yippie Move service will move them all for you. This service works really well with 40 different types of web and educational email service providers. It also works with any account that supports IMAP.

 The creator of this service is Viktor Peterson who says that most port transfer jobs can be finished in about 10 minutes unless it is a really large account, which may take a little more time.

 The only drawback is that it does not support Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo Mail accounts. These are two very popular email accounts that many people have or would like to have their accounts migrated to and from. IMAP is the main focus of the Yippie Move service right now but support for service for the popular web accounts will be coming soon.

August 29, 2008

Rumor is, New Android Phone May Hit The Market Soon

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Google has a new phone set to come out maybe as soon as September 17th. One source reportedly is saying that the new HTC Android phone will hit the markets next month. Rumors about the release of this phone continue to swirl however. Another source insists the new Android phone will not be available until 2009. This T-Mobile phone is a smart phone made by HTC smart phone manufacturer.

 The phone is supposedly going to be offered to current T-Mobile customers for around $400 but if a two-year contract is signed, the phone will go for around $150. The phone is slated to be offered to new customers during the first part of October.

 The new Android phone is reportedly going to support 3G services and will have a touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard that slides out, along with a 3-megapixel camera. This device reportedly requires a Gmail account before you can set up the service and rumor is that it might be a little more costly for the 3G data plan but definite details have not yet been released. T-Mobile would not comment on these rumors but had previously stated it would offer a new Android phone by December. More details and technology news can be overfound at Adobe News …so alright back the article:

 The 3G-service plan may be found lacking by some subscribers however. As of right now, this service will only be available in New York and Las Vegas with another 20-25 cities to be added by the end of this year. T-Mobile will continue to work on getting it to other cities throughout 2009.

August 21, 2008

Dell Has A New Latitude Line

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Dell’s latest news just released is that they are coming out with seven new laptop designs all made to be lightweight and durable, and they kept business users in mind in their design. These are the fourth generation Latitudes. The new E6400 and E6500 measure 14.1 inches and 15.4 inches respectively. They will be starting at $1,139 and $1,169. For those who are more economy minded, the new Latitude E5400, measuring 14.1 inch, will start at $839. The new E5.5500 is 15.4 inches and will start at $869.

 A key new feature offered in these new latitudes is the enhanced ambient lighting in the keyboards. Back-lighted keyboards have now been added by Dell and will be more useful in low light or dark rooms as they now have lights that shine from underneath the keys on the keyboard. They have also added an ambient light detector so you can control the output of illumination on the keyboards and you can turn off the lighting if you want.

 These upwardly mobile, business class laptops come in five different colors that you do not usually find in the business workplace. Depending on which model you chose, you would have the choice of Mica-Brushed Metal, Regatta Blue, Regal Red and Quartz Pink (limited to the E4200 only). The E5400 and the E500 will be available in Matte Black also. Similiar mobile technology news articles can be found on a Weblog. The new Latitude line has an extended battery life that will last up to 19 hours now and can be recharged up to 80 percent of it’s capacity in one hour. Senior Dell VP, Jeff Clark, commented that this new latitude line represents Dells largest development effort of a new product line in the history of Dell.k

OT: Denver Legal News

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   Good to be back to San Bernardino from Long Beach. This is a little off topic, but here is some legal and injury news out of Denver: Police officers that handcuffed a man and made reports that the man had been violent, hitting and punching are as of now under investigation.

    The man who is identified as John Heaney stated that the police had a chokehold on him and were on top of him, that he could not breath and they also hit his head on the sidewalk several times breaking his teeth.

   Heaney who was riding a bicycle at the time of the incident in the vicinity of Coors Field in Denver was on his way to visit with his terminally ill mother at the time. The officers in question have stated that he rode the bicycle through a red light at 20th and Blake Streets. This almost sounds like something personal?

   These same officers also claim that Heaney punched one of the officers Detective Michael Cordova in the nose. What the officers did not report or know at the time is that the incident was being filmed and photographed by reporters that were there for the Coors Field Colorado Rockies opening game in Denver. His attorney should be able to recoup costs for his injury, I would think.

  According to TV producer Greg Prinkey the events of the arrest should not have occurred. Heaney was on the ground and handcuffed when Detectivev Cordova grabbed him by the hair and smashed his head to the sidewalk several times. He went on to state that Heaney was in no way trying to resist arrest at the time this occurred.

   Prinkey gave the video tape to channel 9 News stating that had they not been taping the arrest it would no one would know about the incident. Prinkey went to where the altercation was taking place in an effort to stop it and the police identified them selves as officers and told him to leave. By the way if you live in Denver and require a superlative Long Beach accident attorney then by all means take a look at the law Offices of this c Los Angeles and also Long Beach accident attorney firm. She is certainly one of the finest Denver probate and trademark lawyer in the Mile High city in my personal opinion.

   Another photographer who witnessed the arrest Nick Heckman for Mile High Sports Magazine took pictures of the arrest and stated that Heaney did not start the altercation. 

   Heaney was charged with second degree assault on a police officer and criminal mischief because one of the officers sunglasses were broken during the arrest. As an aside if you are in Scottsdale Arizona and are in need of a terrific luxury real estate firm then: then may I endorse this firm which also does handles country clubs and golf courses in Arizona.
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   In court Heaney stated that he knocked Cordova’s hat off before he knew that they were undercover police officers. Cordova testified under oath that he did not know how Heaneys’ teeth had been broken and he also denied banging Heaneys’ head on the ground causing the personal injury.


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