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October 31, 2008

Unexpected Y2K Issues?

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Good to be back to Los Angeles (had to speak to my business and franchise lawyer), time to report some business news…Another outstanding expert article from elite Orange County Accident attorney Todd A. Picker: All in all, Y2K business related problem appears so easily solved as to be unworthy of any significant attention. About thirty years ago in an effort to save memory, programmers simplified the date by expressing the year as two digits instead of four. While this was a major deal around the world, it seemed that technology happy Denver was hit especially hard by the confusion. For instance, the year 1999 would be recorded as “99”. Given the limited storage capacity of early computers, shortening the year from 4 digits to 2 thus yielded excellent results. Internally, computers used a very basic form of addition and subtraction to calculate dates and time differentials. You do not need a technology attorney for that.
By using only 2 digits to record the date, the ability to recognise the year 2000 was compromised. Notwithstanding advances in tech¬nology, especially the disk capacity of the computers themselves, the manner in which dates were recorded and the method of calculating time differentials was not modified much over the years. In part, the failure to upgrade was simply a function of basic economics and the fact that the new millennium was still many years away. In other words, the cost of replacing functioning, albeit obsolete, hardware and internet software was easily deferred. Moreover, chang¬ing important computer systems, accounting systems for example, was and is an extremely difficult undertaking. As a consequence an expe¬dient short cut originally designed to save time and memory (that at one time was very expensive) in computers that are crude, slow and bulky by today’s standards, became ingrained into almost every aspect of commercial life. As an aside if you happen to reside in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills and need a qualified Los Angeles corporate franchise business lawyer then by all means look at this Law firm: as he is, in my personal opinion, a first rate and effecient Denver trademark, copywrite, corporate, probate, internet and of course business lawyer and can help with so many types of internet and business related cases.
Intuitively, changing the way dates are recorded and calculated electronically should not be that difficult a task. In fact, to a casual observer correct¬ing the Y2K problem should not be appreciably more difficult than changing the time on a wristwatch. Unfortunately, because of the age of the com¬puter systems involved and the fact that computer¬generated dates can be the product of information stored in different places within the computer’s memory, wholesale and expensive review, and in many instances replacement of electronic data processing equipment, computer-related hardware (e.g. circuit boards) and software was required to correct the problem. The cost of repairing the prob¬lem before the date rolled over to the year 2000 arrived, therefore, was enormous.

October 20, 2008

G Sensor Games for the Samsung Omnia

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For those of you who opted for the Samsung Omnia rather than the HTC Touch Diamond, you’re probably wondering where to get those cool Motion Sensor games for the Samsung Omnia, similar to what the HTC Touch Diamond has. Well, Cellphone-Reviews has made a little discovery and posted it on their blog. It seems that some developers have made an emulator which would make G Sensor games of the HTC Diamond, compatible with the Samsung Omnia.

Well, it’s nice to know that the Samsung Omnia isn’t behind when it comes to developing applications for this device. Now if only Samsung would make an SDK tool so that people could start making custom widgets for this device.

October 16, 2008

Tivo, PC and Computer Software news

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The well known company for computer software has teamed up with TiVo and they announced their combined effort that is named Nero LiquidTV/TiVo PC.

This new product will have the functions that TiVo is known for, but can now be used on the computer, without using a set top box. The kit for PC users will include a TV tuner and remote, it is also marketed for the existing TiVo user. You can also find related information at Dell computers news.

The interface is the same as TiVo users are used to only now it can be seen and used on the computer according to Kris Barton the senior vice president of Nero in statements.
Barton also stated that there are some new functions, with a few clicks the recorded programs can be exported to an iPod or a PlayStation. There is also the ability to burn DVD’s of the programs for use on other computer devices. The idea behind this is to target three groups of users, the person that travels, the college student and the existing TiVo user. Many of these individuals frequent online shopping websites, especially where technology and gadets are concerned.

The LiquidTV/TiVo PC is set to become available in the middle of October and will be available in the beginning to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

October 4, 2008

Nokia Xpressmusic Competing With Apple Inc.

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The Finnish company that manufactures Nokia cell phones has just released their latest the 5800 Xpressmusic phone, this is the first touch screen phone the company has released and with it they are setting their sights on competing for a part of the digital music market that Apple Inc. dominates.

 This phone will be available to customers free when they sign a service contract, which will place some pressure on Apple’s iPhone. According to Jo Harlow the head of the phones, they expect that they will listed with most of the mobile companies.

 In statements from Nokia as part of their free music bundle they have named “Comes with Music” Nokia claims to have all major music labels and many of the independent labels with as many as 5 million tracks.


Nokia has plans of offering their music service in the United States next year in competition with Apple Inc., which now is in control of more than half of the digital music sales with iTunes.

  The digital music with mobility will become even more crowded with Nokia entering the market after Sony Ericsson launch of its music package in Sweden and LG Electronics of Korea with plans to offer a service.

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