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January 28, 2009

Helicopter accident may have been prevented by Software

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I just returned from the Chicago area and wanted to share some news from the windy city: The NTSB had previously claimed that the pilot flying the medical helicopter which tragically struck the radio tower close to Aurora and killed 4 was simply flying at too low an altitude. Apparently, the helicopter had been equipped with a device that helps with navigation, but the software had inexplicably never been installed, unfortunately. This particular software very well may have signaled the pilot of the obstruction and prevented the said deadly personal injury accident.
The NTSB reported that the competent aircraft pilot Delbert Waugh was, for reasons as of yet unknown, flying many feet below the normal flight altitude.

Waugh had been transporting a 14 month old child, a nurse and paramedic when the accident occurred and no one survived. They had been on route to a hospital in Chicago, Illinois from the town of Sandwich. By the way if you happen to live in either the windy city of Chicago or nearby illinois communities and require a superlative Chicago Personal Injury Attorney then may I suggest the Law offices of John Buden because he is simply one of the top Chicago Personal Injury Attorney and can assist you with a plethera of different accident related cases including boating, aircraft and vehicle crashes. He helps those who have had personal injury and he has a lot of experience.

The helicopter in question was equipped with a standard Global Positioning System which was mounted on the control panel. It appears that this device could have prevented the tragedy by displaying the radio tower, and yet for some strange reason the needed software was not installed.

All in all, the results of this investigation of the tragedy showed no obvious signs of mechanical failure in the aircraft itself. This software really needs to be installed in the future to help prevent needless personal injury as well as fatalities.

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