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April 8, 2009

Man Stopped For Speeding To Place Ebay Bid

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According to reports, State Police Trooper Dan McDonald stopped a driver from Fall City, identified as James Garrett age 46, for driving his vehicle at a speed of 110 miles per hour on Interstate 90 in the eastbound lanes. I hear about this happening in San Francisco, LA and Orange County, California before as well.

Garrett was traveling in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 when trooper McDonald spotted him passing other vehicles and clocked him at a speed of 100 miles per hour. The trooper got a second radar reading while trying to catch up to the driver to pull him over of 110 miles per hour.By the way if you need a reliable Orange County car accident lawyer then by all means check this law firm out, they also do Los Angeles personal injury and Orange County wrongful death legal matters, in addition to the car and truck accident stuff.

After Garrett was stopped he told trooper McDonald the reason he was speeding, was because he was late placing a bid on the Internet auction site Ebay prior to the auction ending. Someone I know who is a San Francisco DUI attorney and also federal criminal defense lawyer based in San Francisco was telling me about a similiar case.
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For his part, Trooper McDonald arrested Garrett for reckless driving, his car was impounded and he was placed in the King County Jail. According to trooper McDonald, Garrett has had multiple criminal convictions in the past for driving offenses. The officer did not go into detail what the other driving offenses were for that Garrett was convicted of, whether or not it was drunk driving, DUI, DWi, automobile accident related or whether or not he needed a bail bond. I hope for his sake he has a good car crash lawyer.

April 7, 2009

Mother Pleads Guilty In Philadelphia Craigslist Prostitution Case

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The woman that made up half of the mother-daughter team in a Craigslist advertisement pleads guilty in a Philadelphia courtroom.

The advertisement with picture included of them sitting on a couch and in bold letters above the picture “Make The Right Choice And Call Us” with their post allegedly offering erotic services.

Tracy Young age 39 and her daughter Tami Smith age 22 were arrested after police officer Donald Paxton answered the post and visited their Northeast Philadelphia home in Port Richmond. Paxton was told the fee was $200 and he would start with the mother and finish with the daughter according to Officer Paxton on October 2, 2008.

For the $200 Paxton was told by Young he would get a full 30 minutes of service and when the women began to undress, he called in the other officers according to testimony by Paxton. By the way if you are in need of a competent Philadephia personal injury lawyer then may I suggest the offices of mark Rosenberg.

Both Young and her daughter were arrested, along with Young’s boyfriend David Riley who police arrested for having a small amount of marijuana. The charges against Riley were later dropped for lack of evidence.He must have had a good personal lawyer.

When sentenced May 14th Young will face from 3 months to 23 months in the county jail, along with 3 years of probation. Other charges of criminal use of a communication facility and criminal solicitation were dropped against Young in exchange for her guilty plea. Some people wonder about these types of cases because no personal injury was actually involved.

Young’s daughter Tami Smith will go to trial on April 17th for the alleged prostitution charges.

April 5, 2009

Technology Bringing Braille To Cell Phone Displays

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Technology involving Braille could make it possible with some learning to allow the blind to read mobile content. This will work by raised dots that will have an intense vibration, lower level vibration will be gaps and there are longer lasting buzzes. This according to the New Scientists the cell phone display is able to be read by the blind in approximately a little over one second.

At the University of Tampere in Finland to prove this new technology could work and work with existing cell phones they wrote custom software and used it with a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. This software is able to mimic the bumps that would be used by the blind. What is dependant to make this system work correctly is a cell phone that has a piezoelecrity layer in the display screen.

This is a large technological advance for the blind and should be put into use quickly, since there are no major barriers and the learning process is uncomplicated to be able to work the Braille cell phone.

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