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February 18, 2012

Why Small Business Owners Should Not Hire Independent IT Contractors

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Every small business at times needs IT support. Whether it’s a small job or an ongoing need, the temptation is to hire a freelancer, an independent contractor to provide IT support Beverly Hills.

Hiring a freelancer seems to make sense when compared to hiring a full-time employee, because of the cost savings and the ability to pay only when services are needed.

However, when hiring IT support Century City, freelancer vs. full-time employee is the
wrong comparison. The best solution is to hire an IT support managed services provider, a company that offers support on a contract basis.

Here’s why.

An IT support firm is more accountable in case of malpractice or willful misconduct. A freelancer without a business to lose may not be as concerned about providing the best service. This is not always true, but an IT support firm is more stable and trustworthy in this sense.

More importantly, a freelancer is one person. If a project is too large for one person, or if the freelancer lacks the technical knowledge in one specific area, the business owner may have to hire another freelancer. An IT support firm has a full staff with expertise in varied areas, and can
spread the work around to qualified professionals.

Along these same lines, an IT support firm has a pool of knowledge, which the team members can share and draw upon. A freelancer offering IT support Beverly Hills has only his or her own knowledge. While
anyone can and should look up questions if necessary, a freelancer has much less access to other people’s experience than an IT support firm’s members do.

Hiring IT support Century City can be a difficult decision. The business’s IT infrastructure is at stake, and hiring the right support is crucial. In some cases, it may seem easier to hire an independent IT contractor, and cheaper as well. The problem is that even if an independent consultant works out in the short run, there may be problems in the long run.

Over time, hiring an IT support firm will prove less expensive and more
cost-effective than hiring an independent contractor.

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